Videos and Appearances

A partial video archive of television appearances, interviews, congressional testimony, and other noteworthy footage.


September 17: On identifying the root causes of terrorism. (AFRTALK)

August 26: On military intervention in Syria. (GBTV)

August 20: On the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt. (AFRTALK)

August 12: On al-Qaeda’s embassy threat. (MSNBC)

August 8: On the latest al-Qaeda threat to U.S. embassies worldwide. (MSNBC)

August 6: On the al-Qaeda threat to U.S. embassies. (AFRTALK)

July 10: Testimony before a congressional joint committee hearing, “The Terrorist Threat in North Africa: Before and After Benghazi.”

June 29: On U.S. port security. (Fox 5 News)

May 30: On Obama’s counter-terrorism speech. (Fox News)

May 6: On the radicalization of the Boston Marathon bombers. (CNN)

May 2: On al-Qaeda two years after the death of Osama bin Laden. (CCTV)

April 25: On premature analyses of the Boston Marathon bombers’ motivations. (

April 24: On the Guantanamo Bay prisoners’ hunger strike. (Al-Jazeera English; not available in the United States)

March 11: On the capture of Osama bin Laden’s son, Abu Ghaith (Huff Post Live)

March 4: On charities funneling money to jihadist groups. (Sun News)

February 26: “How Should the US Handle the Non-Criminal Detention of Violent Non-State Actors?” (Foundation for Defense of Democracies panel)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

February 4: On Western intervention in Mali.

January 23: On the militant group behind the hostage crisis in Algeria. (CBC News)

January 22: On the Algerian gas plant attack. (CTV News)


December 6: On Al-Qaeda’s proliferation in Mali and Africa. (Huff Post Live)

October 19: On Benghazi, al-Qaeda’s survival, and the presidential debates. (BloggingHeads)

March 21: On NYPD surveillance of American Muslims. (CCTV)


November 27: On the efficacy of the United States’ war against terrorism. (RT)

October 18: “Bin Laden’s Troubled Legacy” interview. (New America Foundation)

October 10: On “Bin Laden’s Legacy” and why the U.S. is still losing the war on terror. (The Source with Ezra Levant)

October 4: On Anwar al-Awlaki’s death. (Fox News)

September 7: On “Bin Laden’s Legacy”. (RT)

August 30: Interview with J.M. Berger. (Intelwire)

August 4: On “Bin Laden’s Legacy” at USC CREATE.

August 2: On the Fort Hood attack. (Fox News)

July 26: On the terrorist attack in Utoya. (Fox News)

February 10: “Countering Terrorist Narratives: Film Screening and Discussion” panel. (Council on Foreign Relations)